Hospitality and Catering Within the Leisure Industry

At Twentysix Recruitment, we excel in providing staffing solutions tailored specifically for the leisure industry. The leisure industry is vast and encompasses a lot of different types of companies such as hotels, holiday parks or centers, cinemas, fitness centers, golf clubs, visitor attractions just to name a few. We are committed to connecting talented individuals with exciting career opportunities in this vast sector. We offer a comprehensive range of job openings to our candidates, covering various roles from hospitality careers to catering and customer service positions. Leveraging our wide-reaching network and extensive experience within the leisure industry, we are committed to forging valuable connections between proficient professionals and rewarding positions within this dynamic sector. Whether you're a seasoned industry expert or embarking on your leisure career journey, our dedicated team provides personalised support and guidance throughout the recruitment process. We are committed to helping you find the perfect match for your skills and aspirations within the leisure industry.

Discover Diverse Roles

The leisure sector offers a wide range of roles for individuals with diverse talents, from culinary to managerial skills. Whether as a bartender, restaurant manager, bar staff, barista, or concierge, opportunities are abundant in the leisure industry. Roles span from managing transactions as a cashier to providing seamless assistance as a counter assistant, catering to guests' needs. Those passionate about food and beverage management can explore positions like food and beverage manager or catering services supervisor, while leadership roles include chef managers to restaurant management. Those that are interested in the culinary side of things can thrive in roles such as chef de partie, commis chef, pastry chef, sous chef, and head chef. Additionally, managerial positions like accommodation services manager, area manager and catering manager to ensure smooth operations and uphold high standards of service and hygiene.

Concierge: Elevating Guest Experiences

Concierge professionals are the heartbeat of leisure establishments, responsible for enhancing guests experiences to the highest standard. With a warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with an acute attention to detail, you'll serve as the ultimate guide for patrons, ensuring their every need is met with grace and efficiency. The role extends beyond mere assistance; you'll curate personalised experiences tailored to each guest's preferences , transforming their leisure time into unforgettable memories. From recommending hidden gems in the local area to arranging bespoke activities and excursions, you'll be the trusted source of insider knowledge and exceptional service.

Catering Manager: Elevating Experiences through Catering

Catering managers are indispensable leaders responsible for enhancing guest experiences. With a blend of managerial competence and keen attention to detail, they oversee all facets of catering operations, ensuring seamless execution and impeccable service delivery. Catering managers meticulously plan and coordinate every aspect of events, from menu selection to execution, considering individual preferences and dietary requirements. Their role encompasses managing staff, inventory, and logistics to guarantee that each event runs smoothly and exceeds guest expectations. Catering managers serve as liaisons between clients and culinary teams, ensuring clear communication and flawless execution of event plans. Their ability to multitask and problem-solve in real-time is crucial for handling unforeseen challenges and maintaining the highest standards of service.

Waiters & Waitresses: Delivering Exceptional Service

Waiters and waitresses assume a crucial role in ensuring guests experience seamless and memorable dining encounters. With a professional demeanor and acute attention to detail, they skillfully navigate patrons through menus, anticipate their preferences, and provide impeccable service with each interaction. Waitstaff serve as the face of hospitality within the leisure industry, embodying the establishment's commitment to exemplary service. Their responsibilities extend beyond merely taking orders and serving food; they excel in offering knowledgeable recommendations, accommodating special requests, and ensuring guests' satisfaction throughout their dining journey.

Management: Delivering Excellence in Leisure Establishments

Management personnel play a central role in crafting seamless and unforgettable guest experiences. With a resolute commitment to professionalism and operational efficiency, managers oversee a spectrum of tasks essential to the smooth functioning of the venue. From coordinating staffing schedules to optimising resource allocation, managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of operations within leisure environments. They ensure that facilities are well-maintained, safety protocols are adhered to, and guest services are executed with precision. Managers also provide strategic leadership, setting goals and objectives to drive continuous improvement in service delivery and guest satisfaction. They foster a positive work environment, nurturing staff development and fostering teamwork to enhance overall performance.

Discover Your Career Path into the Leisure Industry with 26 Recruitment

As leaders within hospitality and catering recruitment, we specialise in finding roles for our candidates looking to pursue careers within the leisure industry. Our team of seasoned consultants boasts a comprehensive understanding of the demands and complexities in this thriving industry, enabling us to adeptly guide you towards career opportunities within the industry. Drawing upon our extensive network of industry connections and unparalleled expertise, we are committed to aligning you with roles that not only complement your skills and experience but also resonate profoundly with your career aspirations. Whether you are a highly skilled chef renowned for your innovative culinary skills, a seasoned hospitality manager poised to navigate diverse teams, or an adept event coordinator known for curating unforgettable experiences, our team at Twentysix Recruitment are ready to provide unwavering support throughout your career journey. Allow us to serve as your esteemed partners in accessing prestigious leisure sector roles where your talents can be impeccably showcased, allowing your career to unfold. We invite you to join us today and embark on the initial steps towards a career within the leisure industry.

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