Temporary agencies can offer you a number of benefits. They provide you with talent that is already prequalified and screened – meaning there’s little to assess on your end. Their workers are also detailed experts within their field, meaning you avoid any miscommunications that might happen when hiring someone who is not familiar with the task at hand. Last but not least, temporary staffing agencies will help you save money on overhead costs associated with hiring new employees – such as recruitment and training expenses. 

Increase Productivity and Reduce Stress

Members of your team can sometimes be absent for various reasons, and this can be a problem. The responsibilities of their role will then be distributed onto others and this adds to the current workload of your employees. This may reduce the productivity of your workforce. By using a temporary hiring agency you will get the right hires to fill the available positions quickly, reducing the risk of employee ‘burn-out’ or becoming overworked. 

Industry-Specific Cover 

We have a large and consistently growing database of experienced temporary workers within the catering & hospitality sector. Our consultants all come from the industry themselves and so are trained to identify those who are best suited to fit into your organisation.

We supply Catering, Hospitality, Bar and Waiting Staff to organisations such as Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Hospitals, and everything in between. Each organisation has different requirements for its staff, so we have a number of roles on offer for individuals who would like to work in these settings.

For example within the restaurant industry, chefs are required to be experienced in specific techniques or backgrounds. When a restaurateur has a need for temporary Sous chefs who can cook a certain type of food, our consultants will make sure to match the workers who have the right experience required.

When it comes to schools & nurseries, care homes and hospitals, safeguarding is our top priority when supplying temporary workers. We ensure that all our workers have an enhanced DBS disclosure permitting them to work around vulnerable adults and children, as well as the required training and experience necessary for their respective roles.

Allows a Trial Period

When you use our temporary recruitment service, you can try before you hire. That means that you can observe our temporary staff on an ongoing basis, to determine if they are the right fit for your organisation. You can assess their work abilities, attitudes, connections with the team & the harmony in the workplace.

We all know that hiring a full-time employee can be expensive. Not only do you have to pay them a salary, but there are also other costs incurred before they do a days work. Advertising and the time on labour spent sifting through all the applications, arranging and conducting the various stages of interviews, not to mention those that finally make it through the process, only to drop out at the last minute. All can be both costly and frustrating.

However, with temporary workers and freelancers, there are no obligations or promises of full-time employment. This means that if a temporary worker looks to be an asset to your company, bringing them on full time is always an option – so long as the worker is happy to do so!


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