Are you harnessing the full potential of your recruitment consultant? Whether you're just starting out or have extensive experience with recruitment agencies, it's crucial to evaluate if you're truly making the most of their services. In this blog section, we'll delve into effective strategies that will help you optimise your relationship with the team at Twentysix Recruitment that look after permanent candidate placements, ensuring you receive unparalleled value for your investment. 

Briefing the Job Specification 

To maximise the effectiveness of your permanent recruitment consultant, it's crucial to define the job description of the vacancy you're looking to fill. You likely have a specific set of skills, qualifications, and experience in mind for the new hire, so it's best to be as specific as possible when communicating with your consultant. Avoid using generic job descriptions, as they can make the recruitment process more difficult and lengthy. Your job description should cover job title, location, type of employment, hours/shifts, duties and responsibilities, growth opportunities, required skills and qualifications, personality traits, and salary and benefits. It's important to view your job description as a way to sell your position to potential candidates and stand out from competitors. If you're unsure, reach out to your consultant and work together to create a compelling job description.

Communication is Key

Responding quickly to your consultant is crucial when dealing with them. This applies whether you need to schedule an interview or provide feedback after one. In the hospitality industry, top-notch candidates are in high demand and don't wait around for long. Many restaurants, hotels, and establishments with hospitality staff are constantly seeking quality members, so if you have the opportunity to secure one, it's important to act promptly.

Giving Feedback

After receiving a set of CVs or conducting interviews, it's essential to provide feedback to your consultant. Such data is vital in helping them provide an improved service and better understand the distinctive character of your company. Candidates often request feedback on their performance during the interview process, and it's only fair to do so. Therefore, letting us know how they fared would be appreciated, even if they may not be the right fit for the role. Your feedback could be critical in their development and taking the next step in their professional journey.

Become Exclusive 

Many employers believe that working with multiple recruitment agencies can increase the pool of candidates for their vacancies, particularly in industries like hospitality that are facing a shortage of skilled workers. However, this approach is not entirely accurate and may result in receiving duplicate resumes and having to communicate with several consultants. On the other hand, partnering with a single agency such as Twentysix Recruitment provides both parties with the opportunity to understand the company's specific requirements. This can result in receiving a limited number of well-suited resumes within a shorter timeframe.

By choosing the team at Twentysix Recruitment as your recruitment agency for Catering and Hospitality, you'll experience numerous benefits. To discuss your permanent recruitment needs, please contact us via phone or email, and we'll be delighted to help you.


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